• Material Culture & The Senses

    This blog is a conversation space about embodied experiences of the material world. It is inspired by the ASA 2011 session, "War and the Visceral Imagination." Join the discussion here, on Twitter (#warvi), and in Baltimore on Oct. 23rd at 8:00 a.m. in Peale A.
  • Toy Soldiers Revisited

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War and Moving Pictures

It is hard to watch videos taken by real-life soldiers using “helmet cams,” small cameras strapped to the side of Kevlar helmets.  The landscape lurches up and down in the camera’s frame, inducing a kind of sea-sickness.  Violence erupts in the periphery—a land mine explodes, a soldier screams—and the camera lens swooshes to the side, … Continue reading

Toy Soldiers Revisted

 Surely, I’m not the only female who played with toy soldiers as a child? Steeped in the 1960s TV lore of Combat!, The Rat Patrol and 12 O’Clock High, which we saw as reruns in the 1970s, my brother and I frequently enacted valorous backyard skirmishes with our little green men. It was a visceral … Continue reading

How does material culture shape our sense of war?

This is just one of many questions that we invite you to explore with us here, on this blog, and in Baltimore during the annual meeting of the American Studies Association (ASA) this October.  We called our blog and ASA panel “War and the Visceral Imagination” because we are interested in how embodied experiences of the material … Continue reading